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We acknowledge the value of having an attractive and welcoming environment. Your sofa serves as a meeting area for family, friends and your clients as well as an efficient piece of furniture.

With the help of Brilliant Group, skilled sofa washing services, you may restore the appeal and comfort of your sofa. Let us breathe new life into your home. Make an appointment with us right now to see the transformation for yourself. We're here to give your sofa the finest since it deserves it!

Types Based on Application
  • ♦  Corner Sofa
  • ♦  Modular Sofas
  • ♦  Sectional Couch
  • ♦  Sleeper Sofa or Couch Bed
  • ♦  Recliner Sofa
  • ♦ Armchair
  • ♦  Outdoor Couch
  • ♦  Ottomans
  • ♦  Chaise Lounge
  • ♦  Curved Couch
Types of Couches Based on the Material
  • ♦  Wooden Sofa
  • ♦  Leather Couch
  • ♦  Velvet Sofa
  • ♦  Satin Couch
  • ♦  Linen Couch
  • ♦  Brocade Fabrics for Sofas


• Clear the area surrounding the sofa to make access easier.

• Remove the sofa's cushions and pillows.


• For the removal of loose dirt and debris, hoover the whole sofa, including cushions, crevices and seams.

Treatment for Spots:

• If you see any stains, gently wipe the area with a clean, wet towel to eliminate any extra liquid or residues.

• If the stain remains, applying a clean cloth with barely any of the suggested upholstery cleaning solution.


• Preparing the upholstery shampoo or cleaning solution based on the manufacturer's instructions.

• Gently rub the fabric of the sofa with a gentle brush or cloth dipped in the solution. Begin with a miniature, invisible area to verify that no color change or damage is caused by the solution.


• This procedure aids in the removal of loosened dirt and cleaning solution.

• If you don't have a wet hoover, wipe the treated areas with clean, moist rags to remove extra shampoo.


• When dampening a clean cloth, wet it with water then wring it out.

• To get rid of any leftover cleaning solution, gently wipe off the areas you treated. This process aids in preventing residue accumulation.


• Make use of ventilation by opening windows and doors, or use a fan to hasten the drying process.

• To absorb more moisture, covering any wet sections of the sofa with fresh, white towels or absorbent materials.

Pillows and cushions:

• If the cushions and pillows have removable covers, we initiate cleaning process based on care instructions

• If the cushions are not removable, we clean them using the same method as the sofa with high attention.

Final Inspection:

• After the sofa has dried, look over it to check for any residual stains or spots that might need to be touched up.

• Repeat the spot-treating or shampooing procedure if needed to remove tough stains.


• Assemble the cushions and pillows again once the sofa has drained completely.

Contact Us Today:

Are you ready to enjoy a fresher, cleaner environment? Make an appointment to have your sofa cleaned with us right away. Our helpful staff is ready to respond to your inquiries, offer estimates, and offer you any other help we can.

We're here to provide your sofa the greatest possible care as it deserves it. Get in contact with us right now to see the difference!


Sofa cleaning is important for several reasons, including:

Health and Hygiene:

Sofas can accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria over time. Regular cleaning helps remove these contaminants, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues.

Prolonged Lifespan:

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your sofa. Dust and debris can cause wear and tear on the upholstery and cushions, leading to a shorter lifespan if not properly maintained.


Cleaning your sofa helps maintain its appearance. Stains, spills, and accumulated dirt can make your sofa look old and dingy. Cleaning can restore its original beauty and make it more inviting.

Odor Control:

Sofas can absorb odors from pets, spills, and daily use. Cleaning helps eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving your living space smelling fresh.

Preventing Mold and Mildew:

In humid environments, sofas can develop mold and mildew if not cleaned and dried properly. Regular cleaning can prevent these issues, which can be harmful to health.

Allergen Removal:

Sofas can harbor allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. Cleaning removes these allergens, providing relief for allergy sufferers.

Maintenance of Upholstery:

Different types of upholstery materials require specific cleaning methods. Regular sofa cleaning ensures that you use the appropriate cleaning techniques, preventing damage to the fabric or leather.

Aesthetic Value:

A clean sofa can enhance the overall look and feel of your home. It adds to the aesthetics of your living space, making it more pleasant and welcoming for you and your guests.

Investment Protection:

High-quality sofas can be a significant investment. Regular cleaning and maintenance protect your investment by keeping the sofa in good condition.

Preventing Pest Infestations:

Crumbs and debris on your sofa can attract pests like ants and cockroaches. Proper cleaning helps deter these unwanted visitors.

To maintain a clean and healthy living environment, it's essential to include sofa cleaning as part of your regular home maintenance routine. Depending on your usage and the type of sofa you have, this may involve vacuuming, spot cleaning, and occasional professional cleaning.

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

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