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We at Brilliant Group know that the foundation of your living spaces is your flooring, which are more than just flat surfaces. Foot activity, spills, and normal wear and tear can dull your flooring over time. Our specialized floor cleaning and polishing services can help with that. We are committed to making your floors seem as good as new by restoring its beauty and sparkle.

  • ♦  All kinds of Floor Cleaning & Restoration
  • ♦  Marble Crystallization / Marble Polishing
  • ♦  Wooden Floor Polishing
  • ♦  Specialized Periodic Floor Maintenance

We are doing services for all kinds of floors includes Concrete Floors, Vinyl Floors, Terrazzo Floors, Linoleum Floors, Ceramic Tile Floors, Marble Floors, Wooden Floors

From wood and tile to marble and stone, our floor maintenance and polishing services covers a wide range of flooring materials. Why our services are unique is as follows:

Thorough Cleaning

To remove filth, grime, and stains from your floors, our knowledgeable specialists employ cutting-edge machinery and procedures that are at the forefront of the industry. We focus additional attention on areas that are hard to reach to provide a complete cleaning service.

Expert Polishing:

With the help of our expert polishing services, you can bring out the inherent beauty of your flooring. Our method is designed to meet the particular requirements of your flooring material, bringing out its radiant shine and appeal.

Restoring Resilience:

Eventually, the flooring's protective coatings might wear removed. Our team uses protective finishes to offer a layer of protection against future damages while enhancing the look.

Expertise in Different Flooring:

Whether you have hardwood, ceramic, granite, marble, or any other form of flooring, our professionals are skilled at understanding the particular needs of each material and offering the proper maintenance.

Sustainable Solutions:

We care about the wellbeing of your home environment. Our cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly, allowing your family and pets to live in a clean and secure environment.

Customized Method:

Just as no two floors are the same, neither are our solutions. In accordance with what you like and the particular needs of your floor, we create customized cleaning and polishing initiatives.

Affordably Luxurious:

Restoring your floors does not need to be expensive. We provide premium floor cleaning and polishing services at cheap prices that turn your space into a showcase of beauty.

Witness the Amazing Transformation

To preserve their beauty and lifespan, your floors demand the utmost maintenance. You get more from Brilliant than simply a service; you get a dedication to quality and an attention to detail that completely changes your living quarters. Schedule your floor cleaning and polishing appointment with us now to see the amazing makeover that is in store for your flooring.



Clean floors are less likely to be slippery, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Spills, dust, and debris can create hazardous conditions, especially on hard flooring surfaces.


Clean floors improve the overall appearance of your living or working space. They can make a room look more attractive, bright, and well-maintained.

Prolonged Lifespan:

Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your flooring. For example, dirt and grit can scratch and damage wood and laminate floors over time, while uncleaned grout can lead to premature deterioration of tile floors.

Health and Hygiene:

Floors can harbor allergens, bacteria, and other pathogens that can affect indoor air quality and health. Regular cleaning can remove these contaminants and create a healthier indoor environment.

Odor Control:

Unattended spills and messes on floors can lead to unpleasant odors. Proper cleaning helps eliminate these odors and keeps your space smelling fresh.

Maintaining Value:

For homeowners, proper floor care can help maintain the value of their property. For businesses, it can create a more positive impression on customers and clients.

Legal and Hygiene Compliance:

In commercial settings, compliance with health and safety regulations often mandates regular floor care to ensure cleanliness and safety standards are met.


In a workplace, clean and well-maintained floors can contribute to a more productive and comfortable environment for employees.

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

Very very good work and fast delivery

John Doe

28th july 2019, New York

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