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We provide various Pest Control related services including:
General Pest Control Services (Municipality Approved)
Termite Control (Municipality Approved)
Fumigation (Vaporization) Services (Municipality Approved)

Brilliant Pest Control is specialized in controlling the pest such as cockroaches, bed-bugs, rats, mice and all crawling insects that invade your home and commercial premises . All our Pest control operators are approved by Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section and our team of expertise handle the pest control jobs in a professional manner.

We provide custom made solutions to all our customers for residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced and dedicated technicians are very much confident and can fix any problems related to pest control......


Dear Our Valued Pest Control Customers. Kindly read the following safety instructions and adhere to it for your personal safety.

  • Don’t enter and stay with P.C.O (Pest Control Operators) when they treat your premises.
  • Keep all your valuables in safe & locked. Keep food items tightly packed and away from treating areas.
  • Re- entry time after treatment varies with Age and Person. When you re enter your house, make Ventilation all open like, windows, doors etc.
  • If you are an adult, you can re enter the premises after 4 hours of the treatment.
  • If you have kids less than 12 months old, re enter your premises after 12 hours only.
  • For Children Age between 2 – 3 Re- enter 10 hours after treatment.
  • For Children Age between 4 – 7 Re- enter 8 hours after treatment.
  • For Children Age between 8 – 10 Re- enter 7 hours after treatment.
  • For Age Group between 11 – 16 Re- enter 6 hours after treatment.
  • For Pregnant woman minimum 24 hours and maximum 2 days stay away recommended.
  • After 48 hours you can wash your premises and re- enter (This is recommended for pregnant lady’s premises.)
  • If you are Allergic (or other occupants), don’t re- enter your premises before 2 days. After 2 days when you come back if you still feel allergic don’t stay back, wait for another 2 more days.
  • Don’t allow your Pet animals in Pesticides treated area. Clean spilled over food & food particles immediately.
  • Don’t allow your Pet (Dog, Cat) to Gel applied area to avoid possibilities of licking applied gel.
  • Our P.C.O (Pest Control Operator) won’t treat the areas closure to any water source i.e. , Water tank & Sump etc. However, if you have any waterline leakages please don’t ignore them and inform to our P.C.O about waterline leakages.
  • Don’t forget to inform other occupants that you have done Pest Control for your premises. This is very important because if not informed they may enter the premises before the instructed re-entry time and may suffer and complain.
  • Avoid direct contact with Treated areas, Remove your bed sheet and pillow cover, wash it and use it after the Pest Control. Don’t keep any unclean plates and utensils in the kitchen sink overnight. Wash all your utensils before use.
  • Keep the children away from treated area always.
  • We don’t use EC (EMULSION CONCENTRATE) formulation inside premises.
  • We use odorless GEL, odorless spray approved by Ministry and Dubai Municipality.
  • Please check pest control operators valid I.D.
  • For further information , please visit our
  • Our Tel 04 2730043. Mob: 050-6767190. E-mail:
  • Please keep the Cash Receipt OR Service Report safely with you for future follow-up verifications if any.
  • Don’t give pest -food, water, and harbourages.
  • Please check any parcels, bags, and cartons before you bring in.



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