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Institutional & Healthcare Cleaning

Schools, Colleges and universities cleaning services are also in a way are highly specialized services, needing extreme care in the process of cleaning services. The intensity of care increases, especially while handling children.

A continuous and frequent disinfection is a necessity for the toilets used by the students. Above the normal cleaning duties, the cleaners have to assist the teachers to monitor and control the children.

A proper discipline and character among the cleaners need to the projected in the campus, as the students are prone to follow very quickly and new means. BBM cleaning services as stated earlier, relates not only its scope of services for its individualized of customized clients but trains its personnel thoroughly on attitude and behavior required for the specific posts.

BBM cleaning services also provide bus attendants to monitor and control student in the bus,as well as assisting in either collecting or handling over their children’s to respective parents at their destinations.

Our men work with complete dedication in thorough cleaning, disinfection of the entire school or college and are proud to be part of building tomorrow’s future.

A critical area of cleaning operation, where you are in close contact with infectious germs,hospital housekeeping is a specialized service, which needs thorough knowledge,expertise and professionalism in providing services. BBM Cleaning Services take pride in its expertise in not only handling cleaning operations but also advising and providing consultancy on safe disposal of medical wastes.

Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount importance and BBM cleaning services hold in respect, dedication and keen sense of responsibility about its task. Although a hospital has a number of basic purposes or objective viz. to provide facilities to care for the sick and the injured or to promote research into the various facts of science of medicine and surgery, the efficiency of BBM cleaning services as an external service provider represent a vital part of the management of the hospital.

BBM Cleaning Services has clearly defined its role and nature of services and its importance, when it comes to hospital housekeeping, as a hospital is susceptible to spread of infection. Special care is taken in safe disposal of medical water by proper supervision on part of BBM Cleaning Services.

BBM Cleaning Services constantly achieves consistency in its services on daily with the high standards commanded by a hospital.

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