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Termite Control (Municipality Approved)

Brilliant Pest Control is specialized in Termite control either by spray technique or by injection treatment. We have team of expertise who are already approved by Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section. We do all treatments by taking care of Public Health Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation. Our technical people are fully specialized to work for Residential, Commercial (Shopping Mall, Foodstuff, Super Markets and Hypermarkets), Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Staff Accommodation, Labor Camps, Warehouse and Villas, etc. We use standard pesticides approved by Dubai Municipality which are non staining, odorless, harmless to humans and other domestic pets. Further, these pesticides having long term residual effect against termites. We provide Pre-Construction & Post-Construction treatment.

Termites Facts:

What are the differences between Ants and Termites?

Ants and termites are sometimes mistaken for each other, however they are very different insect groups. Several key features help to identify them correctly.

Scientific classification

  • Ants: Order Hymenoptera, Family Formicidae.
  • Termites: Order Isoptera, several families.


  • Ants: Elbowed.
  • Termites: Simple string of bead-like segments.


  • Ants: Compound eyes present.
  • Termites: No eyes.
Waist (called a pedicel, found between thorax and abdomen)
  • Ants: Present.
  • Termites: Absent.


  • Ants: Pointed at end.
  • Termites: Blunt at end.


Both ants and termites can be divided up into several ‘castes’, which depend upon their roles in the colony.


Ants: Sexually undeveloped females.
Termites: Sexually undeveloped males and females.


  • Ants: Are workers and may have dual role.
  • Termites: Sexually undeveloped males and females. There are two possible body forms: mandibulate (jawed) and nasute (long-nosed), depending on species.

Reproductives (winged)

  • Both ants and termites can have a winged stage in their reproductive cycle.
  • Ants: Fore/hind wings unequal, strongly veined
    Termites: Fore/hind wings equal, no obvious veins

Life cycle

  • Ants: Complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa, adult
  • Termites: Incomplete metamorphosis: egg, nymph, adult (no pupal stage)


  • Ants: ants are scavengers, with different species foraging for different foods. Some ants live within damp/decaying wood, but do not actually eat the wood.
  • Termites: termites are plant tissue specialists, feeding on wood and grasses, and some species can cause extensive damage to buildings and trees through their feeding and nesting habits.

Termites feed on wood and serve an important function in nature by converting dead trees into organic matter. Unfortunately, the wood in buildings is equally appetizing to termites and they cause serious damage to residential and commercial buildings. Termites destroy valuable property, documents, furniture and furnishings…anything that contains cellulose, silently and swiftly, before you even become aware of the damage done. Termites infest and breed underground, in the soil. They crawl up through the minute cracks and crevices in the foundation and the walls of your building. As they march forward, they build mud tube channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity which they require to survive. When you notice such marks on your walls you get an indication that your house is under attack by the “White Ants”.

Subterranean termite infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings, and other obstructions. Over time, significant damage can result. The small size, cryptic nature, and tenacious foraging habits of these insects also pose a formidable challenge to control efforts

We also assure that the service rendered by us along with the care taken for pest management would surely meet the higher end of your satisfaction at all times.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

Key Benefits of Soil Treatment:

  • Safe–the material is injected into the soil where it crystallizes and stays.
  • Many times more effective than alternative treatments
  • Barrier can protect your home for years (under ideal conditions)
  • Warranty for Ten years for Pre-Construction (Warranty on Post-Construction treatment is for Five years only).

Method of Treatment

When you enter into a ten years contract for your entire under constructive building, our method of treatment consists of chemical treatment of the following areas:

1. The soil around the foundation of your building (External Treatment).

Soil (External Treatment): A toxic chemical barrier is created between the termites in the soil and the building that has to be protected. This is achieved in the following manner:

If there exists a concrete cover or masonry apron around the walls of your building, holes are made as close as possible to the plinth wall about 300mm (1ft) apart from each other. Insecticide is then poured, so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there and to stop them from re-infesting. If your building is on pillars, the holes are made around the pillars and insecticide poured into the soil. If there is loose earth around the walls of your building, trenches of a shovel width are dug, exposing the external surfaces of the foundation wall up to a depth of 500 mm from the ground level. While re-filling the trenches, the dug up earth is returned in layers & TERMITICIDE is sprayed over the back fill earth.

2. The base of the masonry walls (Internal Treatment).

The Base of the Masonry Walls (Internal Treatment): The internal treatment of base of masonry walls and treatment of wood work is carried out as per the one-year maintenance contract mentioned earlier. Termites, which originate from the soil, are controlled effectively when your building is treated at the ground level as per the above mentioned method. But, as an additional precaution, the outer walls on the first floor are also subjected to the masonry drilling treatment. Above the first floor, the drilling operation is carried out only in areas infested by termites.

3. All vulnerable wooden portions of the building.

Vulnerable Wooden Portions of the Building: Further, on all floors, wood work like doors and windows, which are highly susceptible to termite attack are also protected by treating them. Spot treatment of spraying on infested areas in the walls and ceiling is also carried out. On completion of the initial treatment, about 80% of the termites are eliminated from your building. The remaining which is hidden in the walls is eliminated within six months, during the check up visits of our supervisor. In remote cases, it may even take one years to eradicate the termites.


In case of comprehensive anti-termite treatment of the entire under constructed building, we give a warranty period. Any re-infestation of termites during the warranty period is treated without any extra charge.

Check up Visit:

After the initial major treatment, our supervisor will visit your premises for a checkup once in every quarter for a year. Intimation will be given in advance by post or over phone call about the time of arrival of our supervisor. The check up visit is to find out whether there has been any re-infestation of termites. Necessary treatment will be carried out in case of any re-infestation, at No Extra Cost. You can call on us whenever there is a re-appearance of termites during the contract period for the benefit of doubt.

Consumer Note

Certain termite species if left uncontrolled can cause a severe amount of damage to a building in a short amount of time. If you find termites in or around your property, it is essential that you do NOT disturb them and promptly contact to us for free inspection of the property and take advice on the protective measures available.

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Preventive Measures:

Prevention is always better that cure. Ideally a building should be treated before it is constructed. Even so called termite resistant plywood can be damaged by termites. Termites can only be prevented by creating a chemical barrier. If you are going to change the flooring please call us.

To get rid of termites from your premises the following options are available to you:

1. Annual Maintenance Contract for random spot treatment.
Enter into a one-year maintenance contract with us for your premises only. (No warranty will exist on termite attack, only killing the live termites on periodical intervals)

2. Five Years Warranty Contract

Enter into a five years comprehensive anti-termite treatment contract with us for your entire existing building and avail of a five years warranty against termites attack.

Mode of Treatment: To control these termites, we establish a continuous insecticide barrier between the termite colony and wood in a building. In an existing building termite control treatments involves the following produces;

  • The internal portion of the building, holes will be made with drilling machine at the wall and floor junctions at an interval of one foot to a depth of 5 inches depending upon the thickness of the wall and diameter will be ½ inch.
  • The drilled holes will be injected with our chemical emulsion to form chemical barriers at the base of the wall.
  • These holes will be filled with cement, and proper color finishing would be provided to avoid unpleasant appearance.
  • All the wooden structure attached to the building will be checked thoroughly.
  • The external perimeter of the wall would be treated either by rodding or drilling holes whichever is necessary. Our treatment is backed by a FIVE YEARS SERVICE WARRANTY. In the event of any unlikely re-infestation of the termites, we shall carry out necessary treatment to ensure the premises free from termites at no extra cost.

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