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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

BBM – Brilliant Cleaning Services are Expert Janitorial & Cleaning Service providers.We relate to the scope of services as per the need and necessity of that particular Business Portfolio.

Both Residential and Commercial Buildings,inclusive of Industries,Banks,Warehouses etc.ask for Varied Cleaning Requirements. BBM cleaning Services studies the wide variety of surface fittings,fixture and equipment and develops an effective Cleaning Program,Scheduling of Tasks,the frequency of Cleaning or maintenance of the facilities,thus required and effectively supervise the Quality Cleaning Standards and ensure it is maintained consistently.

Tasks Process optimization,Usage of BAT(Best Available Technology) has given a cutting edge in its means of providing cleaning services than its competitors.

BBM Cleaning Services also provide Office Boys and Attendants on monthly basis.Our Office Boys and Attendants can read write and communicate in English,thus making our clients comfortable at work,also reducing their costs and overheads.

Special Teams are organized to specially cater to Business Organizations like banks,corporate offices and showrooms a very monthly charges.

Another Business Sector which demands for high public influx,simultaneously also demands for high level of cleanliness.

As the Hypermarket and supermarket deal with food and non-food items,extreme care is taken by BBM cleaning services in selection of equipment’s, machineries and chemicals used for disinfection also care is taken while cleaning of delicate electronic or cookery items,which are sensitive to damage.

Special attention is paid at Meat,vegetables and wet food area,as the origin of germs begin from the food items.Instantaneous cleaning of spilled items,responding to PAS(Public Address System) customer service calls and other specific notes are given in detail to every BBM Cleaning services staff prior deployment.

As hypermarkets and supermarkets hold open product displays,people are prone to divulge in petty crime, BBM Cleaning services during its selection and recruitment process itself screens the candidates background and measures appointment on candidates honesty and integrity.

Every BBM Cleaning Services personnel is trained in his tasks professionally and as they are in direct contact with your customers.special courses are given on public relations and handling customer enquiries, in order to increase their level of expertise and by-product to BBM Cleaning Services Clients as value added services.

BBM cleaning Services is fully confident and equipped to serve both hypermarkets and supermarkets alike,with professional cleaning services.

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