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AC Ducting

Brilliant Cleaning Company provides the state- of the -art equipments and procedure to clean your AC and ducts. We have a fully trained AC duct cleaning professionals that will handle and fix the problem in your AC.

The Need for Clean

Over time, your air ducts process a lot of air. While you most likely have a plethora of air filters in your duct system, there is still a chance that some particles escape. These particles then get stuck on the walls of your ducts, thus restricting the flow of air.

You may also have excess dust and dirt build up in your AC ducts due to cracks and holes in the ductwork system. Therefore, after you clean out your A C air ducts, you will probably want to go in there with an aerosol sealant and plug those holes. Doing so will ensure that there will be less dust entering in the future and you will have to clean your ducts even less.

How To Clean Your AC Air Duct

  • To perform an aerosol sealing of your ducts, follow these steps:
  • First, measure the leak by doing a pre-seal test. This will give you an idea of just how big the leak is.
    Next, use foam or plastic to block off the system, and then pump an aerosol sealant into your AC duct system.
    Because you have blocked off all the escape routes for the air, the sealant is able to settle right where the leakage occurs, at the air duct holes.
  • Perform another seal test to make sure you haven’t missed any leaks.

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